Split-Site PhD

Who's it for? 

PhD students who want to study at Koya University and in another country. Competent candidates are able to apply to study for a split-site PhD, spending some periods of full-time study in Koya University and other periods of study elsewhere (eg in a research institute or commercial / industrial organisations with a significant research component in the Kurdistan or abroad). The degree is awarded by the Koya University.

Basic Entry requirements
  • A Bachelor's degree with Honours from a recognized university, and/or
  • A Master's degree from a recognised university by the MHE of KRG.
  • English language qualification for example TOEFL or IELTS. Admission requires a TOEFL score of 550 (Pb) and an IELTS (academic) band score of 6. Lower scores may be accepted as conditional split-site candidates, the English scores must meet the requirements after one year of the study.
Two models of split-site PhD study are available:
  1. Model A involving a strategic partnership with another university or research institute
  2. Model B involving a capacity building partnership normally with an international academic or research  organisation
There are some conditions which you must fulfil in order for this type of programme to be possible.
Depending on which model you choose there are a number of advantages to doing a split-site PhD, which are borne out by our current students. Here are some of the benefits they told us about earlier this year:
  • You get to work in different places and meet different people
  • Working in different institutions means you can take the best of what each offers
  • You can continue to work at your home university at the same time as studying for a PhD
  • You can gain a mix of industrial experience and academic insight which provides a great environment for a PhD leading to employment in the industrial sector
  • You can conduct your research in your own country.
Major elements to a PhD:

Research Proposal 

Normally submitted at the time of application. See How to write a research proposal.

Literature Review

Builds up the student's knowledge in the subject-area of research. The students should search all relevant literature in their research field using available facilities.


This aims to satisfy the research objectives by following a clear, detailed plan of work. The student will be self-dependent and should develop high skills in the subject-area.


Develops the student's ability to validate the research results through a testing programme, approved by the supervisor.

Writing up

The student  completes their proposed final thesis and prepares for the final examination at the Koya University. Students are required to work out a detailed plan for delivering the various individual chapters of the thesis to the supervisors/local advisor.


You may apply at any time during the year, the available relevant PhD studies will be posted on this site or the main university website at koya.edu.iq

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