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Project Budgetary

Each PhD student has a total personal budget for a four year PhD project in a dedicated bank acount to cover the costs of the training programme and additional research costs, such as expenses for travel, lodgings and registration for conferences or seminars.

As a rule, expenses for travel, lodgings and registration for conferences, seminars, etc. will only be reimbursed on the condition that a paper is presented. Costs incurred by travel and lodgings on a research trip are reimbursable as well. As these costs are relatively high, you are strongly advised to apply for external funding for such trips whenever possible.
  1. A dedicated bank account for each individual project will be opened with Bankí Herémí Kurdistan branch Koya University.
  2. Fund spending will be according to the items outlined in the project dossier.
  3. For spending any sums, the Home supervisor, according to the guidelines, proposes the amount and submit the application to the University Council.
  4. After authorisation by University Council, the money will be released with the signature of the President of the Home University.
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