These are basic requirements for Split-Site PhD procedure. Supervisors and candidates need to comply with these basics and read the regulations in details, 
  1. The home supervisor (Koya University Supervisor)/or a PhD candidate required to write a research proposal and submit it to the scientific committee of the related department at Koya University. The proposal should include:
    • The title of the research;
    • An abstract of 65-250 words;
    • The impact of the research study on Kurdistan Region;
    • Research Methodology;
    • Whether the necessary facilities are available in Home and\or away partner universities;
    • The necessary training course the students need to undertake;
    • The breakdown of the budget for the project. This must include the following points in detail:
      • The possible travel expenses of both Home and Away supervisors visits to either working environment to determine the availability of the requirements to ensure the quality of research (optional);
      • The expense of facilities required for the research;
      • The registration fees (tuition fee) of Away partner university;
      • The travel expenses of candidate to the Away partner university. This will be of minimum two visit of no shorter than 3 months throughout four years study;
      • The living expenses of the student in Away partner university (a six-month language course if needed plus a one years work and research in total);
      • The possible travel expenses of Home supervisor to visit Away university for one month.
      • The thesis publication cost;
      • The cost related to evaluating committee engagement (Home and Away examiners);
      • The cost of Viva Voce committee;
      • Plus a sum for any other hidden costs.

        The external expenses of the project including the students salary, the university fees, the students expenses, and the travel expenses of the Away supervisor to Kurdistan should not exceed $50,000 (fifty thousand Us Dollars in total).

  2. The scientific committee of Home department must respond formally to the Home supervisor concerning the approval or disapproval of the research proposal.

  3. After obtaining approval, the local supervisor should begin making formal contacts with an Away supervisor (outside Iraq), so that both supervisors can review the draft proposal. sing it, and finally resubmit it to scientific committee of Home department

  4. If there is a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the Home and Away universities, then it should be possible to make use of its framework. It is advised to arrange for overarching 'split-site' Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) as it is outlined in Regulation for Split-Site PhD.

  5. The scientific committee of Home department should submit the proposal signed by both supervisors, via. Please note that the confirmed admission forms from the Away university should also be included.

  6. The special scientific committee for Split-Site Ph.D. system in Home university will go through the submitted documents. In case of any shortcomings, the committee will request a review of the application. The approved application will be then submitted to University Council for final decision.

  7. After approval by Home University Council the proposal in its final formate will be announced on Koya University web site. Candidates are allowed to apply for the study. Each proposal will have its individual requirements which will be highlighted in the announcement  Candidates need to meet all these requirements when apply. 
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