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A PhD is awarded on the successful completion of a programme of supervised research. It is assessed via a final thesis (of up to 100,000 words) and a viva voce (an oral examination), please see the assessment regulation.

Candidates of exceptionally high quality are able to apply to study for a split-site PhD, spending some periods of full-time study in Koya University and other periods of study elsewhere (eg in a research institute or commercial / industrial organisation with a significant research component out side Iraq). The degree is awarded by the University of Koya University.

Notification of award of PhD
  1. After the examiners have confirmed their decision, the Research Degrees Unit will notify the candidate of the result. The degree will not be awarded until the candidate has provided a copy of the successful thesis, in accordance with university's regulation.

  2. The faculty scientific committee  will send a certificate to each candidate who has been awarded a degree. It will bear the names of the candidate in the form in which they appear in the School's records at the date of issue.

  3. Where the authorities of the School notify the Academic Registrar that the student has not settled or made acceptable arrangements to settle any account outstanding, the Academic Registrar will withhold certification until the same authority certifies that the student has made payment in full.

  4. The Academic Registrar may withhold the result of the examination for any student who is the subject of investigation under the School's disciplinary or other procedures.
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