Binding Thesis


The procedure sets out regulatory standards for the format and binding of postgraduate research theses to provide clarity and consistency. This applies to theses submitted for assessment under the University’s Postgraduate Assessment Regulations for Research degrees: 

1. Thesis

1.1 Size and Thickness of Paper
A4 (minimum 70 gsm)

1.2 Type or Print
Consistent and clear type of laser print quality should be used for all copies for both text and illustrations.

1.3 Layout of Text
  • 4cm binding margin (right margin)
  • 2cm top margin 
  • 2.5cm fore-edge margin (left margin)
  • 4cm bottom margin 
The text of the thesis submitted to the examiners should be produced in single-sided copy, on right-facing pages only. The final, published thesis may be produced in single-sided or double-sided copy. In the case of double-sided copy, each chapter must start on a right- facing page. The main text should be in not less than 1.5 spacing (or 18 points leading). Quotations and notes should be in single spacing. Pagination must be continuous throughout and include all plans, tables, illustrations etc., which are bound in with the text. Handwritten numbers in indelible ink are acceptable.

1.4 Character Size
Character sizes should be at least 10 points, with body text (text other than headings) not exceeding 12 points for all languages.

1.5 Character Styles - fonts
Where there is a choice of character style or font, a sans serif font - eg Helvetica or Arial - should be used for the main text and headings and labelling diagrams, etc. This is used for all Thesis in any language. Please note that all Arabic and Kurdish writing need to be in UNICODE

1.6 Word spacing and division
Text should be set to ensure an even spacing between words for any particular line. Word division at the ends of lines (hyphenation) should be avoided if possible.

1.7 Title Page
Title of thesis. Author’s name.
At foot of page: Name of degree The Koya University Year of presentation.
In the case of a thesis which is resubmitted, the year in which the thesis is resubmitted should be shown as the year of presentation. Please see the layout examples provided in Arabic, English and Kurdish.

1.8 Abstract
An Abstract of maximum one page should be included in the thesis as instructed in example layout.

1.9 Binding
Sewn and bound in strong, waterproof Navy Blue cloth, as instructed in example layout. Not more than 6.5cm thick. If more than 6.5cm thick – two or more volumes. Please do not attempt to bind you Thesis before you have received full approval from office for higher education affairs. See Layout of Thesis and section 3 below for clear guidelines.

1.10 Lettering on cover
In gold on spine only: Top: degree Middle: name of author (initials and surname) Foot: year of graduation, as instructed in example layout.

1.11 Diagrams, Maps, Illustrations, etc
Where possible, to be placed near to the appropriate text. Photographic illustrations must be permanent reproductions. Good quality colour photocopies of diagrams and photographs may be used rather than the originals.

1.12 Published Papers
It is in the interests of candidates to include any relevant published papers in their thesis. These should either be sewn in by the bookbinder, as an appendix or an electronic copy included on disc or a URL referred to as appropriate. If photocopies of published papers are to be included in the thesis, the publisher's formal permission should be obtained and, where appropriate, the permission of any joint authors. A note that permission has been obtained should be included in the thesis.

1.13 Data in Electronic Form (including multi-media elements)
Candidates may be advised or required to submit data in electronic form, including multi-media elements, for the purposes of assessment. This material is supplementary to the main text and should be submitted on CD/DVD with the electronic version, or in a pocket inside the back cover of the thesis. Datasets should be supported by good accompanying documentation appropriate to the subject discipline.

1.14 Notes, Bibliography and Contents Page
Notes and the bibliography may be typed in single spacing. A consistent policy should be used, inserting the notes at the foot of the page or at the end of each chapter or at the end of the thesis. All separate sections, e.g. bibliography, list of abbreviations, etc, must be identified on Contents page.

2. Thesis and non-textual elements for Practice-led Doctorates

2.1 The thesis will conform to regulations 1.1 to 1.14. Final copies lodged in the Library will contain a permanent record of the exhibit, attached to the thesis, which may be in the form of photographs, CD ROM or other recorded media.

3. Temporary binding

3.1 Thesis and portfolios of compositions may be submitted for examination in a temporary binding. Theses may be either soft bound with glued spine, spirally bound or comb bound with plain back cover, clear PVC front cover leaving title page visible; if necessary bound in more than one volume. The instructions for diagrams, maps, illustrations, etc, are the same as in Section 1.10. (please see guidelines)
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